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Sunday, October 7, 2012


Today's #SuspenseSunday treat comes from author 

Linda Hall

whose mind you don't want to mess with. She will put you in a story. 

What took Ellen away from her famous husband yearly, to the cold windy coast of Maine? Piecing together the life of an unhappy minister's wife, private investigator Teri Blake-Addison trails the wreckage to a remote Canadian island. When murder rocks the community, she realizes the puzzle may not be as simple as it had seemed. Steal Away is book one in the Teri Blake-Addison private investigator series.

  and #2 in the series, Chat Room


Norah Wilson said...

LOL! I won't mess with Linda, then! Seriously, love Linda's books!

Barbara Phinney said...

Yes, didn't she once have a shirt warning people she'd put them in a book?