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Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Bravo One, this is Bravo two...

My daughter, my husband and I went shopping in the States this past long weekend.
Now, as a Canadian, this in itself is hardly newsworthy.
But having your retired soldier husband tell you, "We're taking the walkie-talkies. I don't want to lose you." Well, that is a bit of news. He doesn't want to lose me.
Isn't that sweet? He doesn't want to lose me.
But, girlfriend, read between the lines. He wants to bug me. To check to see if I have left the lingerie section yet. To see if I'm reading to move to the next store.
Hey, hubby, this is Kohl's and they're having a sale! I AM NOT ready to leave yet!
Undeterred, because after all, he was a soldier for 25 years. He's dealt with difficult situations before. "Barbara, you are Bravo One and I am Bravo Two. Normal radio procedures will be in effect."
"What about radio silence?"
"No radio silence. As soon as we get into the store, we'll do a radio check, okay?"
So, my daughter is in the change room. I'm inspecting the nearby tank tops. My walkie talkie goes off. A short stream of static and the nice young man waiting on his wife, also in the change room, has his interest piqued.
I smiled at him. "That's my hubby doing a radio check."
On the radio: "Tango One, this is Tango Two. Request your location. Over."
That's not right! I shake my head and speak to the man. "I am supposed to be Bravo One. I shouldn't answer this. Besides, where was the radio check?"
The young man smiled.
"Tango One, come in, over!"
I continue to inspect the tank tops. "I'm Bravo One," I toss over my shoulder to the man. "I can't answer that. And it's going to drive him crazy."
"Tango One! Where are you?"
The young man is laughing hard. Since I have to live with this old soldier, I relent and key the mike. "I thought I was Bravo One?"
"So I forgot. Where are you?"
"Weren't we supposed to do a radio check first?
"Where are you?!!??"
I smile knowingly, like Kevin Spacey does in House of Cards. Then I relent. "Change rooms, center of the store. Bravo One out."

Oh, my hubs showed up shortly after. And yes, I listened to yet another lecture on proper radio procedures. 
You know, there is a lesson in all of this.
Husband found me, Walkie-talkies worked, and  something we don't always consider.
Radio Silence is so underrated.

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