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Monday, August 5, 2013

The Cape of Gold

After we visited Cape Chignecto Provincial Park (did you read the previous post?) we drove down to Cape D'Or. It's said that when Samuel de Champlain saw the cliffs, he thought they looked like gold. It wasn't gold but copper, but it was also something else. It stands at the edge of one ancient continent as it butts against another. Here is looking over from one continent to another.

 The main reason we visited Cape D'Or was for the lighthouse. It's automated now, but still a beautiful site.

The climb down was easy. We weren't looking forward to climbing back up. So we stuck around checking out such things as the fog horn.

I wouldn't want to be standing there when that goes off! We walked down past it to the Dory Rips, a section of shore that is very dangerous to boats. You can sure see it, even on this calm and beautiful day.

In my final post in this series, I'll show you some beautiful shoreline and one place with a fantastic view. Come back soon!

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