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Tuesday, July 22, 2014

My review from Romantic Times

Romantic Times has reviewed my latest historical and given it 4 Stars! To those of you who don't know the rating system, here it is:

4 1/2 Gold: Phenomenal. In a class by itself.
4 1/2: Fantastic. A keeper.
4: Compelling. A page-turner.
3: Enjoyable. A pleasant read.
2: Problematic. May struggle to finish.
1: Severely Flawed. Pass on this one.

Remember, I got 4 stars! 

by Barbara Phinney

And here is the review:

Genre: Series, Love Inspired Historical, Current Series Imprints

RT Rating
PROTECTED BY THE WARRIOR (4) by Barbara Phinney: Midwife Clara lands in hot water when news reaches Dunmow of why she was sent there. Yet she is determined to protect the girl and her baby who sought Clara’s help. Unfortunately, Sergeant Kenneth d’Entremont believes they should be with the child’s father, Lord Taurin. Clara refuses to let that happen, knowing the girl will be killed. However, when Lord Taurin arrives in Dunmow, Kenneth finds himself following Clara’s example, hiding her wards from this evil lord. This sequel to Bound to the Warrior is action packed. It presents a fine window into this time period and is peppered with interesting characters.
Reviewed By: Susan Mobley

It's also available in nook here.

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