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Monday, September 29, 2014

A Little Riffling Fun

Riffle and I are having a bit of fun. And in order to share this fun, I have lowered the price of 

All For A Good Cause to 99 cents. 

Now Riffle is a bit like Goodreads and a bookstore with great prices. I like it better than Goodreads because it's easier to follow and write a review, check out recommended books and read honest reviews. And hopefully, you'll see All For A Good Cause there Oct 1st.

For those of you with Kobos and Nooks, I have the same price here:

Don't have a Kobo account? Don't worry, use 
Use coupon code: PK62D when you go to the checkout so you can get the same book for only 99 cents. This code expires Oct 5th, so don't delay.

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