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Tuesday, November 11, 2014

We will remember them.

I have taken most of the day off to commemorate Remembrance Day. One hundred years ago this year, World War One started and my husband and I have always attended the service together. To Canadians, it's fresh on the heels of losing three soldiers in the last month. One to an accident, and two to acts of terrorism. We honoured them. We also honoured the three slain Mounties who lost their lives in the line of duty this past summer.
The day was lovely and unseasonably warm. At the cenotaph, we had a female bugler and there was a police dog on parade. It was different, but nice.
I did get a bit of writing done today, as I must stay in the story. My total word count is 30,338, adding 2,137 words since yesterday.


Diana said...

We had ceremonies here in Australia, but no police dog. Your cenotaph ceremony must have been unusual and very sad, particularly remembering what happened just a couple of weeks ago.

barb phinney said...

There were larger crowds than ever before. And we are not so far from where we lost 3 RCMP officers. But it was a good day at the same time.