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Thursday, April 9, 2015

The Holy Land Day 6 Part 2

The Holiday Inn Resort surprised me. I had no idea they were here or could be so lovely. 

The lobby was filled with flowers, orchids upon orchids, most dangling from tiny vials. Beyond the doors ahead are about 30 pools, and the furthest down toward the sea are open. One regular pool and one hot tub. But first we must eat, debrief and then we can swim.
The debrief was excellent. Many felt that the Sea of Galilee was their highlight so far, while I thought the Nazareth Village and the Aramaic blessing was powerful to me. I forgot to add that the site of Jesus's baptism was also deeply moving for me, but I'm sure that many others wanted to add something else, too.
My only concern was the oily smell on our floor. I thought it smelled like diesel, and complained about it, but someone else thought it was the shoe polish on the shoe cleaner that was situated beside the elevator. It was so very strong, but I put the A/C on and it helped. 
Our room has two bathrobes, and we weren't slow getting into those for our trip down to the pool. Such luxury! We are getting spoiled!

After a swim, we returned to our room, and they delivered a fruit tray to us. I thought it was standard issue, but no one else on our group received it. Allan said he didn't know why, but I think it was because I had complained about the smell. It was reduced by this time, and the A/C helped.

Regardless we enjoyed the fruit, except the apples, which Allan gave away. 
Tomorrow, we look forward to a late checkout so we can enjoy the Dead Sea mud. You'll love this next post.

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