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Tuesday, April 21, 2015

Your wife will love you more

There is a certain cat food company that describes how much your cat will love you when you pay attention to her food. Tender morsels of delicious meat will show her that you care.

It reminds me of a recent trip to Petra. If you are regular reader, you'll know that I saw Petra when I took a trip to the Holy Land. Hawkers, mostly men and young boys, tried to convince other men to buy their cheap bracelets, claiming that if they bought them, their wives would love them more.

Have our society's affections been whittled down to this? For one thing, if my husband had paid $30.00 each for cheap baubles, I would not be cooing away to him. Yes, his thriftiness drives me crazy some days, but I'm proud of him. 

But let me return to the question. Is love purchasable? Of course not, and yet, it is marketed as so. Where did we take that turn that allows companies to gently warn us, through the eyes of a fickle cat, that we could lose that love? What are we telling our children.

I suggest discussing this with your family the next time we see a foolish commercial on TV. We are the consumers. And our love cannot be bought.

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