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Saturday, January 3, 2009

eating smart in the new year

The new year always brings about challenges, and usually, we find ourselves sick of our December eating habits. We want to change them, but we know how difficult keeping long term dietary goals alive can be.
We need to implement smaller changes, the type that don't feel like harsh diets or denying ourselves things. We need to change our attitudes and think healthier.
My sister-in-law has asked me to give her some ideas that her brother, my husband, and I have used regularly. She's the typical mother. She works outside the home, has two kids, one a teen, her husband works odd hours and she often comes home too tired to do too much. Add to that checking in on her parents, and housework, she's left with precious little time to cook up healthy meals.
So, in the next few blogs, I'm going to put together some ideas we can all use in order to make healthy choices.
Do you have any? Feel free to comment on mine, and offer your own.
Okay, the first one:
When making your own pizza, which is just as easy as buying one nowadays with the bread machine, try these simple tips:
Cut down on the mozzarella cheese by one half, and sprinkle on about 1 tbsp to 1/4 of parmasen cheese. This adds flavour, while cutting fat.
Instead of pizza sauce, use ground tomatoes. Many brands of canned tomatoes are offered in pureed or ground tomatoes. Smear the tomatoes on, then sprinkle with powdered garlic, dried oregano, basil and pepper. Avoid the salt, as the canned tomatoes usually have enough. This change will often cut out sugar, as many sauces have sugar and adulterates in them.
Do you like pepperoni on your pizza? Try a meatless version, available in the deli section of most grocery stores. They are often less fatty, and have less chemicals. The strong flavours in your pizza often compensate for the usually milder meatless pepperoni, and many people don't notice the difference.
if you make your own crust, substitute 1/4 of the flour for whole wheat flour. Do this for a few months then increase the amount of whole wheat flour slowly, weaning your family off the white flour.
While the pizza is cooking, offer a salad, or raw veggies or hot tomato juice that has had a few drops of worchestershire sauce or hot sauce added. This will help to fill your family up (with good stuff) so they don't eat as much pizza.
Next, we'll talk about trying different dishes that can be very low fat, but high in flavour. A few small changes like these aren't as intimidating as full blown diets that are hard to stick to.
See you later, and eat right!


Cindy Kirk said...


Great suggestions. I'm trying to
eat smarter in the new your blog was very timely!

Stella MacLean said...

Hi Barb,
I've spent my entire adult life on one diet or another!!! But overall, there is one important point I only discovered recently. That is, DON'T eat heavy carbs and starches after about 3pm as they are stored immediately and converted to fat because by 3 or so, our physical activity for the day is pretty well over. Save the carbs for breakfast and lunch, and lean on the veggies and fish for the evening meal, and of course no snaking on carbs in the evening.
Sounds awful to have to give up something as delicious as chips etc in the evening but it works.
Helps to feed my writing brain as well.

Barbara Phinney said...

Stella, you're so right. We need to trim back our foods later in the day. Sometimes, I just sip herbal tea, or even get up, wash my face, moisturize and then floss and brush my teeth. Getting ready for bed gets my brain thinking that no more food is required.

Cindy, I hope you'll check this out often. I don't like dieting and not allowing myself food, but making changes slowly and not denying myself, per se, but making wiser choices.