Friday, October 31, 2014

National Novel Writing Month

November might be Movember to some of you with facial hair, but to me, this year, it's National Novel Writing Month.
Take a look at NaNoWrMo.

Yup, we have our own crest. All I can say is that thank God coffee is on it!
Anyway, I've signed up and tomorrow, I start my novel. I have a very scattered, badly written synopsis done, and some character arcs, my faithful, Goal, Motivation and Conflict charts, plus Chris Vogler's The Writer's Journey,

and I will soldier forward first thing in the morning. My goal is 50,000 words. I'm going to chronicle my progress.

Good or bad.

So bookmark me and check back daily to see how (or if) I am writing today. And comment with encouragement or mockery. Your choice.

Monday, October 6, 2014

Bake, Love, Write and win prizes this Hallowe'en!

For those of you who like dealing with spooky, why not join us and do something cooky? (That's cook-y, not kook-y!) And at the same time, peek into our absolutely delicious treat we have for you!

Bake Love Write

From October 6th through the 23rd, over 30 authors are hosting a Halloween Scavenger Hunt. Participants visit each site to find a Halloween graphic.  Right here at my blog, I have hidden a spook-tack-u-lar Hallowe'en graphic, so start scrolling for it now. And the great part is that the more sites you visit, the more chances to win! There are over 60 prizes, and multiple winners each day! 

So, on October 6th, visit Sloan McBride's blog, where Sloan will give you get all the fun details, including links to the authors' pages, and a link to a sheet to type all the answers. It should be wicked fun! See you there!

I shouldn't have left her alone!

That crazy Georgina has done it again!  I left her alone for a few minutes, and now another one of her books is free ! Get it here! ...