Wednesday, October 31, 2012

I want to help!

Whether you are directly or indirectly affected by Sandy, I want to lift your spirits. But lying in bed last night, praying for peace and safety for those in NJ and NY, just didn't seem enough. 

I do, however, have a fun little book that can make you smile. Laughter is, after all, a powerful medicine. So I lowered the price as much as Amazon will allow me, because I know money will be tight.

So in the hopes you'll be able to take a much-needed break and read All For A Good Cause, please stop by and check it out.


Janet Jemseg has had enough fundraising for a lifetime, thanks to a whacky society and meddling relatives that are firmly entrenched in her life. But when handsome philanthropist, Devin Kidder, shows up with yet another fundraiser idea, she's sure of only one thing. Her quiet summer vacation has just gone south.

Laugh while Janet learns the ups and downs of selfless acts of giving, of when people go too far, and the lessons everyone eventually figures out! 

And if you're not interested in this book, but are still devastated by Sandy's fury, know that many people are praying for you. Peace and prayers.

Sunday, October 28, 2012


"It's always a dark and stormy night somewhere...." And for award-winning author and PI, Pam Beason, writing mysteries has her thinking that all the time!

          The Only Witness                    

Seventeen-year-old Brittany Morgan dashed into the store for just a minute, leaving her sleeping baby in the car. Now Ivy's gone and half the town believes Brittany murdered her daughter.

Detective Matthew Finn, a big-city fish out of water in small-town Evansburg, Washington, struggles with his wife's betrayal as he investigates Ivy Morgan's disappearance. The clock is ticking and he can't find any witnesses.

Imaginative, manipulative, and volatile, with the intelligence of a five-year-old child, Neema cannot speak, but she knows enough sign language to invent jokes and insults. She can also hurl a grown man across the room. Neema is a gorilla.

After a psycho murdered one of her "talking" gorillas in Seattle, Dr. Grace McKenna relocated to the Evansburg area. Now with the economy on the rocks and her funding cut, her beloved gorillas Neema and Gumu are in jeopardy. When Neema repeats a story of a crying baby, a cucumber car, and a snake, Grace realizes her gorilla is the only witness to whatever happened to baby Ivy.

Does Grace dare go public with Neema's sketchy clues? Can she afford not to?

Sunday, October 21, 2012


This is a special #SuspenseSunday, because I want to help share the good news about Deadly Trust

And to make the day sweeter, Deadly Trust is only 99 cents! But not for long. Please pop over to ENT and check it out.

A tormented past...

For years, demure executive assistant, Anna LaBonte, lived with an emotionally abusive husband who controlled her every move and nearly destroyed her. Just when she finally finds the strength to escape the nightmare for good, he is found viciously murdered, leaving her to be the only suspect.

Why has God allowed this into her life? How can she have faith in His plan when her world has fallen apart?

A dark protector...

Every night, former Special Operations Commander Brent Stirling relives the mission that cost his men their lives, scarring both his body and his soul. A mission that failed because of him. The only bright spot in his life is his gentle, reclusive neighbor. When she is accused of her estranged husband's murder, he seems to be the only person who recognizes her innocence.

A test of faith she may not survive...

With the police building a case against her and her life threatened by the real killer, Anna is thrown into the arms of the only person who can save her, the scarred man with the mysterious past and the skills to keep her safe. She reluctantly accepts his help--and finds herself fighting her growing attraction to him. But as they work together to prove her innocence, the mounting danger puts them both at risk.

With his troubled past, can Brent learn to trust that God will give him the power to protect the quiet woman with the inner strength to see past his scars?

Sunday, October 14, 2012


Our days are getting colder, so we need a good book to curl up with. Here is our next Icon of Intrigue

Maureen Miller 

Widow's Tale
Serena Murphy was losing her mind.

Every night Serena stood on the deck of O'Flanagans Tavern, searching Maine's rugged coast for a sign of her husband's body. Though he was pronounced lost at sea, Alan Murphy still haunted her as only his malevolent spirit could. In the loft above her tavern, Serena hears footsteps pace across her living room floor, yet when she turns, no one is there.

Alan would not let a little thing like death stop him from tormenting her. If she could just find his body, surely this torture would stop.

It had been ten years since Brett Murphy saw his sister in-law, although the separation was by design, to avoid temptation. Now Brett was in Victory Cove, not to declare his feelings for Serena, but to discover the truth about his brother's death. In doing so, he must battle Serena's ghosts, both real and contrived.

     Who has this other terrific book, too!

Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Good News!!

My good friend, Georgina Lee, has a book, The Catch that is now free across the boards! 

The Catch
Crouching, Lutus Mine parted the lush, tropical foliage to peer at their quarry. What he
saw stole his breath.

With Veseria's moons nearly full, and the twin planets still bright, Lutus could see the woman clearly. She glistened like the bright, rare coppers from the north continent. A breeze lifted her ruby hair as she tenderly set seedlings into crystal pots.

 Almost immediately, his smile melted and a frown bit into his ebony features. This wasn't his hunt. He'd given it to his younger brother, Dorad. Lutus would have been content just to watch this woman, but Dorad would never agree to such foolishness.

Worse, he'd have plans for his prey that would make even Lutus shudder.

Lutus glanced through the greenery to see Dorad raise his net, all its daggerstones
pointed at their quarry. Then Dorad launched it.

In that split second, the golden woman jerked up, her emerald eyes sharp with
fear. Before she could leap away, the wide net dropped over her. The long
daggerstones at its corners sank deep into the soft forest floor, ensnaring the
shining beauty. Around Lutus, the hunters roared their thrill.

Check it out!! It's free and fun and a nice respite from our hectic schedules.

at Barnes&Noble
at Amazon 
at Smashwords
And at KoboBooks

Sunday, October 7, 2012


Today's #SuspenseSunday treat comes from author 

Linda Hall

whose mind you don't want to mess with. She will put you in a story. 

What took Ellen away from her famous husband yearly, to the cold windy coast of Maine? Piecing together the life of an unhappy minister's wife, private investigator Teri Blake-Addison trails the wreckage to a remote Canadian island. When murder rocks the community, she realizes the puzzle may not be as simple as it had seemed. Steal Away is book one in the Teri Blake-Addison private investigator series.

  and #2 in the series, Chat Room

Not everyone likes Christmas books.

I may receive a small commission for some of the links below. For years, I didn't want to read Christmas books, nor did I want to w...