Friday, December 20, 2019

Switching Gears to Gold Cream and Big Bang Theory

Note: I may earn a small commission on these items. 
I usually natter on about books or even weirder stuff like my life.
I'm switching gears. Well, sort of.
As I have now passed that invisible barrier where I get a discount on most things (yeah, okay, I'm sixty, all right?) I look at my face a whole lot more critically. So I have decided to double down on my daily regime of what my hubby calls 'Lotions and Potions' 
Enter Las Vegas. No, I didn't win anything, I was on holiday recently and got to sample Hermetise Yubari King wrinkle eraser.
 Yubari King Gold Wrinkle Eraser
Okay, yeah, I was practically ambushed, but I had seen this stuff advertised and figured I would try it out. 
Now, to be honest, it does work, but their sales pitch is a bit misleading. That first treatment isn't 3% of the effect. If so, I would look like a toddler by now. It's not accumulative. I still bought it, after haggling the saleslady down quite a bit.
So why am I talking about it?
For starters, I didn't just have dark circles under my eyes, or 'smooch lines' around my mouth (and I don't even smoke!) but I also have some slightly larger pores on my nose. And I was pleasantly surprised that Hermetise Yubari King wrinkle eraser actually worked on them. My pores shrank considerably. 
And like most of you, I have this one deep wrinkle between my eyebrows, but I have spent a lot of time pressing those brows together and giving people the 'are you nuts?' look. I guess I'm paying for it now. So, why not try this stuff on it? The trouble was, I used it only in that area and a few minutes later, I found that I had this one area nice and wrinkle-free. But I forgot I have a forehead that inconsiderately stretched across the top of my face. 
So, yeah, it does work.
Now, here is the thing. As I was surfing around the net to see what it said, I came across the ingredients list. Of course, I can't find that site anymore, but there were a few things that stood out to me. Yes, there is gold in it, but I won't get rich off of the amount. But there is also witch hazel. Yeah, witch hazel. Like this stuff here.

Witch Hazel

In case you don't know, witch hazel is a natural toner. It tightens the skin. And it doesn't cost very much.
So, while I am still using this gold-infused yubari stuff by Hermetise once a week, as instructed, I am using just plain old witch hazel twice a day.
And guess what?
My pores are smaller, my jowls smaller, but those dark circles haven't left completely. 
I desperately needed a good night's sleep.
Enter a sleep study. The whole reason for one is best put off for another blog, but I am trying out a CPAP machine, using stuff like this
Universal Headgear Full Mask Replace Part CPAP Ventilator Headband (Without Mask) (Blue)
Luke, I am your father.

And when I look at myself first thing in the morning and ignore the straplines, I no longer see what I have faced for quite a while. Dark circles. 
Hmm. But then again, in the words of the great Raj Koothrappali "Tyra Banks says the most important item in your makeup bag is a good night's sleep."
That's what I needed. My takeaway from all of this is the cream works. But it should only be part of your regime. Good inexpensive toner and a good night's sleep are way more important. 
So, consider these:

Yubari King (expensive, but it works)

witch hazel toner (cheap but essential)

and a good night's sleep. There is no link. Or else I would have bought the company.

Wednesday, December 18, 2019

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Monday, December 16, 2019

Things are strange

Yes, that's a curious title, but allow me to explain. 

As we get closer to Christmas, I find myself excited about it. That in itself is strange because I'm not one who looks at Christmas with rose-coloured glasses. 
No, this time, I'm excited about all the curious things that will happen. 
It'll be our second Christmas alone, as only some of the kids are coming home, and that won't happen until later Christmas Day. But also, I published a trilogy of Christmas themed novellas and look forward to making millions on them.

Yeah, right.

No, I think writing those books has helped my usual lack of holiday cheer. And I'm involved in several group promos, which I've never done before. The promo that will soon expire is
 Winter Romance Sale, and having perused the titles, I've discovered there's a great selection there for every taste. 

And today is the last day for Holly Jolly Romance, so be sure to hop over and see the holiday-themed books there.


There are a few more, but I won't overwhelm you. Next time!

It's not just those that make me both excited and curious.
Outside, we're experiencing weird weather. We had snow, then mild temperatures, then a lot of rain, then really gusty winds. Now, it's brilliantly sunny out! Go figure! At least our solar heating is doing its job.

And to top the list of curious things, my hubby is actually going through his old clothes! And planning to donate some to Goodwill! Let's have a rousing round of applause!

Saturday, December 14, 2019

Not everyone likes Christmas books.

I may receive a small commission for some of the links below.

For years, I didn't want to read Christmas books, nor did I want to watch Christmas movies. I still haven't seen It's a Wonderful Life. It just wasn't my thing.
I may read some now, but I respect that you may not care for holiday stuff. And in that spirit, I offer you some historical and fantasy stories you can indulge in, instead. And all the books are on sale!

Do it, and don't be ashamed.

Books on sale!

Monday, December 9, 2019

Book Fairs and Missing Villlages

I grew up in Ontario. The tiny hamlet was called Jackson's Point. It was the kind of village where everyone knew everyone, so you didn't dare act up. It was close to the bigger village of Sutton West, and other villages like Keswick and Pefferlaw.
Now, though, it's all one town called Georgina, which used to be our township. I suppose it was meant to be, but I do in one way, mourn the loss of those villages.
But we still move on, and as a writer, I need to keep going, keep moving with the times. This year, I wrote a few great Christmas stories, and am trying to learn social media and places like Mailchimp and Story Origin. 

To that end, I have been accepted into this book fair. You'll find a wide variety of great books!
And don't forget the Amazon gift card for your friends. Get it here! The author may receive a small commission on these links. Thank you for checking them out!

Wednesday, December 4, 2019

Are you in the Holiday Spirit yet?

When we visited the kids out west, we had an early Christmas as some aren't coming home at Christmas. There was snow on the ground, and the Christmas themes are already up in the stores. 
And my baby grandson noticed the Christmas tree. He can just reach up and touch the lowest ornament, and we moved the presents from under the tree. 
I remember years ago moving all the ornaments to the upper half of the tree, and not putting tinsel on it. You see, we had two cats at the time and read that they like the taste of tinsel. 
In fact, I pulled a long tinsel strip out of my cat's mouth. 
And one of the cats left me a 'gift' under the tree one year. I must say, my hat goes off to the manufacturer of the tree that can convince my cat she's outside. 
So my memories of my family when they were younger consists of a half bare tree with no tinsel. 
These memories help me get into the Christmas Spirit. Here's another good thing to help. Wonderful cozy stories.

Great deals here!

(I love this photo. We have a gazebo and even the big bandstands in the center of town are fun to sit in.)

Tuesday, November 26, 2019

A holiday promo

Just a nice friendly reminder to you that one of the Christmas promotions I'm involved in is ending today. You can get some quality Christmas reading here for a fraction of the price. Only 99 cents!

Great Christmas Savings here!

If that link above isn't working, just click here:

Thank you for supporting authors, and if you have the time, share us around!

Switching Gears to Gold Cream and Big Bang Theory

Note: I may earn a small commission on these items.  I usually natter on about books or even weirder stuff like my life. I'...