Tuesday, January 17, 2012

One secret to happiness

There will be many people telling you what the secret to happiness is. And most of them will be correct. But it's up to you to find your own secret. Still, we can share our own successes in that search and hope that they will help you.
Here's one.
Give it away.
"It" is this. Your smile, your extra wealth. Your good news. Your bad news. Your love. Give away your happiness. Give away congratulations. Share your jealousy....
Wait! Share jealousy?  What kind of advice is that?
Let me explain by example. Your friend has just told you some good news. Something you've always wanted. And they have it. And like it or not, you can't have it, for whatever reason.
Share your jealousy. Tell him or her you're jealous. Let it go out there. 
And while you're at it, look at my first bits of advice. Give them your smile, share your good news. Buy them lunch. Share your heartbreak.
Share your love for them.
And by letting go of all of this, you'll be letting go of your jealousy, too. 
You see, negative things in our lives are like vampires. They suck life from us, and they really don't do well in bright light. So slay them. Expose them to light, and let them go. They'll shrivel and die away.
And while you're sharing all those wonderful things above with people around you, the negative things in your lives will drown in positive energy.
Love, live, smile.
I don't care if your face cracks. Smile. Force it out. Laugh to get it out and then laugh at yourself. Yes, you're not feeling well, but you can do it!  Go for it!
Each day is a new beginning. Don't sweat yesterday. Don't sweat tomorrow. Love like there *is* no tomorrow.
And each small success, be it getting the kids down for a nap, or getting that report done on time, or even having that one neighbor smile at you, or managing to walk away only once from a temptation, they are all successes and need to be treated like the fantastic things they are.
You deserve the celebrate the good things in your life. 
Find them, celebrate them, and go out to find your happiness. Then share it!

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