Thursday, October 24, 2013

One of the simplest, easiest gifts to give this Christmas!

Are you considering giving the gift of reading or giving one of the great reading platforms away? Then this is the right stop to start your Christmas shopping!
For only 96 cents, (less than a cup of tea!) you can get 10, (yes ten!) great stories easily loaded on any tablet. Yes, even IPads and Ipods have the kindle app. 

Are you on your trusty Nook? Try this link:
Barnes and Noble's Nookstore

Bestselling, award-winning, long time published authors like these listed below are there. 

Romance Super Bundle

And while you cruising around, stop by  Romance Super Bundle Facebook Page for great eye candy, silly fun stuff and a chance to meet the authors.

Need an ereader? Try the one everyone is talking about!

Kindle Fire HDX
Kindle Fire

Friday, October 18, 2013


Our lives are about choices. I am a decisive person, someone who prefers to make quick choices and if necessary, change them. My husband prefers to mull over things and do research and then decide. Neither is right, nor wrong.
But we've learned this week that our choices have wide consequences, so we need to think carefully on them. That doesn't mean taking far too much time to make the choice, nor does it mean jump in right away to anything.
What it does mean is to consider others before yourself. Ask yourself if your choice will lift someone up. Will it honour them? Bring them closer to God?  Will it give them strength to make it through their day? Your smile, your kind word, your touch on their arm if you are so inclined, can do far more than you realize.
Make the right choice today.

Thursday, October 10, 2013

Happy Thanksgiving, Canadian Style!

(And no, that doesn't mean Canadian bacon and poutine, though such a suggestion would be lovely!)

Nope, this Happy Thanksgiving means a group of Canadian romance authors in Atlantic Canada have worked hard and sweated buckets (well, maybe not that part) to offer you a chance to grab some holiday reading wayyyyy before the holidays  down south.

Click here for the sale

The colours are lovely here this week, the weather is wonderful, especially if you appreciate crisp mornings with the hint of warmth later, the scent of crushed maple leaves underfoot and the call of Canada geese above you. This is Atlantic Canada and we're proud to showcase our best to you!
With authors like Julianne MacLean, Deborah Hale, Linda Hall, Bev Petterson, Renee Field, and many more, you're sure to find a book that you simply must read this fall!

Monday, October 7, 2013


Everyone!  Good morning! I'm banging down the door of the Romance Super Bundle's launch party! I've brought coffee, fruit and yogurt to kick start the morning.
The day is going to be a blast!  Drop by for your chance to win prizes and cool stuff! And with a great bundle like this, it's like buying one full length novel for only 99 cents and getting 9 FREE!
Come on over. The door's unlocked now. (I have a key) and we're going to wake everyone up!
Romance Super Bundle Launch Party

Not everyone likes Christmas books.

I may receive a small commission for some of the links below. For years, I didn't want to read Christmas books, nor did I want to w...