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Thursday, November 10, 2011

Taking advantage of free ebooks

Smashwords often has free titles. Authors give Smashwords coupons. Gifts of ebooks are given through Smashwords.  But you own a Kindle and hate to manually upload ebooks.

I have a solution. Set your Kindle account to receive emailed attachments from your computer. Treat the new ebook like a personal document. First, when you download the ebook from Smashwords, save it to your desktop. (This is for ease of finding the ebook. If your computer is anything like mine, it likes to hide documents and let me scream at it all day until I find the thing. They're evil like that.)

Then, you must register your email account. Do it here.

Once you have a kindle address, using your name and either "" or ""
simply open your email program, and attach your free ebook to your email to the above address. You must make sure that Kindle knows your personal email address. It's like not answering the phone when you see it's someone you don't know. Kindle likes to know who is sending it stuff.
Then all you have to do is turn on your Kindle, turn on your wireless, and it will download automatically.

I often download whole group digests, or large files that I want to read. It's easy, and I read them wherever I am relaxing. Try it. You'll love this feature.
Now, buy my book and try it. (Just kidding)
But, do try out some of Smashwords' other books. There are  excellent indie authors out there who offer excellent reads.And sometimes they're free!


Pepper Phillips said...

My Kindle has an email address, first click on Home, then click on Menu, go to Settings, then to the second page and under Send-to-Kindle E-mail, you will find your address.

I understand you can upload your own book, if in Kindle formatting, to your Kindle and proof it there before you upload it, but I haven't done that yet.

I will get your free ebook and try to see if I can send it to my Kindle, because I don't like to read on my computer. It's too hard lying in bed to read...LOL

Thanks for the tip!

Barbara Phinney said...

Pepper, thank you for dropping by. I think you need to register your personal, or any, email address, in order to allow kindle to accept attachments from it to send to your kindle. Kindle reads only Mobi formatting, tho, I have uploaded word docs and pdf files with success. Let me know how you make out!