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Sunday, September 16, 2012


I've started a trend. #SuspenseSunday. You'll notice the hashtag. Yes, it's for twitter.
My twitter handle is @BarbaraPhinney.
Join me.
Have some fun reading my tweets. They won't be boring. Hey, if I thought they were boring, I wouldn't put them up, right?
I'm starting today with Shattered by Kate Kelly

His confidence shattered for failing to save his sister’s life, Detective Jay Rawlings insists he be left alone to live the lonesome cowboy life. But when the woman he once loved, Tess MacLean, returns to his ranch with a killer and the police in hot pursuit, Jay suddenly has to face the demons from his past. A past he would change if he could - starting with convincing Tess that their love deserves a second chance.

(Prefer it in a Nook?, try this link. Shattered)

Do you have a suspense story you can recommend? Leave me a comment and I'll #SuspenseSunday it!


Kate said...

Thanks, Barbara, for picking my book to start #SuspenseSunday! I picked up a few extra sales this weekend because of the kindness of my friends!

Barbara Phinney said...

Kate, it's my pleasure. I enjoyed Shattered so much I want all my friends to know it.