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Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Good News!!

My good friend, Georgina Lee, has a book, The Catch that is now free across the boards! 

The Catch
Crouching, Lutus Mine parted the lush, tropical foliage to peer at their quarry. What he
saw stole his breath.

With Veseria's moons nearly full, and the twin planets still bright, Lutus could see the woman clearly. She glistened like the bright, rare coppers from the north continent. A breeze lifted her ruby hair as she tenderly set seedlings into crystal pots.

 Almost immediately, his smile melted and a frown bit into his ebony features. This wasn't his hunt. He'd given it to his younger brother, Dorad. Lutus would have been content just to watch this woman, but Dorad would never agree to such foolishness.

Worse, he'd have plans for his prey that would make even Lutus shudder.

Lutus glanced through the greenery to see Dorad raise his net, all its daggerstones
pointed at their quarry. Then Dorad launched it.

In that split second, the golden woman jerked up, her emerald eyes sharp with
fear. Before she could leap away, the wide net dropped over her. The long
daggerstones at its corners sank deep into the soft forest floor, ensnaring the
shining beauty. Around Lutus, the hunters roared their thrill.

Check it out!! It's free and fun and a nice respite from our hectic schedules.

at Barnes&Noble
at Amazon 
at Smashwords
And at KoboBooks

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