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Saturday, February 23, 2013

Some of my favourite sites!

I thought I would share some of the sites I visit on a regular basis. I think they can offer insight into who we are as individuals. First up, my latest love is, of course, about me! (just kidding)

In actuality, this site is great at getting a peek into the lives of writers. It's Norah Wilson's Workspace Wednesdays, and here is an example of it. Workspace Wednesday

I also am a bit of a geonut. Hence I check out where the recent earthquakes have happened. Earthquakes

Also, I enjoy checking out what the authors are saying at Best Indie Bookstore. Author Talk

For news and such, I enjoy a few sites such as CTV News, (though they get a bit tabloid-ish sometimes) CTV

And no morning check would be complete if I didn't check the weather, in case there are warnings. Weather.

So you can see that I am a bit of nature nut, enjoy heart-warming stories and always read what other authors are saying and doing. What are your routine sites? What do you think they say about you?

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