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Monday, August 12, 2013

A mix of two old worlds in the new world.

Windsor, Nova Scotia, boasts the birthplace of hockey and the biggest pumpkins and an old fort I can't seem to find anymore. But it also has this old pub, Scottish style.

The Spitfire Arms has a street level patio, built for the summer only, as is popular here, and we found it when we decided to walk around the town late one evening.

Picture this. A warm summer wind, an outdoor pub and some long old cars driving past teens hanging out.  It was Canadian Grafitti. But still, we sat out there and enjoyed the evening, ordering draughts and a vegetarian curry. Indian food is very popular in the UK and is therefore on the menu here.

It was delicious and a bit spicy. The sauce was a bit powdery but actually quite tasty, and on a bed of mixed white and wild rice. With the draughts, it went down nicely. The service was excellent, and though I didn't walk inside, it had a live band we could listen to.

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