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Saturday, August 10, 2013

A seminar on Archaeology and onto matching food

We attended a fascinating lecture on ossuaries and first century crucifixions, along with a warning that certain archaeologists on TV may be editing reputable experts' words. It was an excellent reminder to us that mainstream media doesn't always tell the whole story. We learned it later when we sat in on a seminar on Lebanon, sworn enemies of Syria, but who are helping those displaced by war. A full morning, but one that left us hungering for the food of the region.
Hence the trip to Wolfville's Turkish and Mediterranian Restaurant.

We'd eaten a lot this trip so we were looking for something light. Having been to Cyprus, we knew of Mezzies, a small tray of appetizers, so we opted for one of them and to split an entree. The Mezzie, below, had more, but I'd already dug in before I remembered to take the photo.

It was delightful! The tomato and sauce under it were very nice, the bread hot and soft, and there were even a dolmade, plus cuke, olive, and more hummus. Our entree was a spicy chicken wrap served with a yogurt sauce that filled us up just right. Water is served in a large recorkable bottle and we ate it all outside in the shade. The perfect way to end the lectures we'd attended.

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Olga said...

The lecture sounds interesting and the food delicious!