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Thursday, May 7, 2015

Ten reasons why I love Broadchurch

Okay, we have a new favourite show. Broadchurch. I know it may not be new to you, but it is to us, and we're just getting caught up.
It's good. No, it's very good. And those of us fed a constant diet of gun slinging cop shows may appreciate the exotic taste that is this angst-filled British police mystery.

So consider these reasons:

1. Scenery - Let's face it: it's pretty spectacular. I'm tempted to look up where it's set, but I don't want to spoil the fantasy.

2. British - I'm used to the culture, although some of the accents take a bit of getting used to. I love British TV characters. They have gut-wrenching conflict.

3. Characters - They look like shit. As they should, considering what they're going through. No professionally applied make up and hair to always look your best. Because, let's face it. Normal people don't always look their best. Has DI Hardy ever done up the top button on his shirt?

4. Excellent storyline - My husband and I suspect everyone. Except maybe the chocolate lab. (but we're watching him)

5. Great dialogue - It's incredibly natural. British wit is sharp, which I love. The whole feel is natural because despite the angst, they have funny moments and moments you can laugh at even if the character would sooner kill you than laugh with you.

6. Nobody's perfect - This goes along with the characters, storyline and dialogue. No one person is all bad. But there's no one all good, either. They're all human.

7. No guns - I haven't seen a single firearm yet. (correct me if I'm wrong) Did see a crossbow, and am glad it wasn't used on that one suspect we're keeping our eye on.

8. The Irony - Yes, it deserves a capital letter.  It's understated and priceless. Beth is mad at Ellie because she didn't know about Joe, and yet, look at Beth's life. Both lawyers have trapped relatives. They have more in common that they realize. It's deliciously subtle, yet shines like polished steel.

9. Realistic police work - Yes, real cases take time, Virginia. Not the 44 minutes NCIS usually takes to solve a crime. Don't get me wrong. I like NCIS, but doesn't Abby Sciuto ever sleep?

10. The scenery - Yeah, I mentioned it before, but come on, the cliffs are stunning, and who wouldn't want either the mansion the crown attorney owns, or Claire's quaint cottage, or even that sunny little blue house on the water that is the polar opposite of DI Hardy's winning personality? The pounding waves, the gentle rain. I bet that place didn't get 200 cm of snow last winter like we did.

There you have it. Ten excellent reasons to love Broadchurch.


barb phinney said...

That house was recently for sale, too.

barb phinney said...

Oh, Wow! Just an addendum. Hardy did up the top button of his shirt, finally!