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Tuesday, October 27, 2015

Jade and Silk and Pomegranates

This morning was a trip the Jade Factory. Now, as with all Sinorama Tours, they herd you through their factories, warn you of fakes and knockoffs, and put ever so slight pressure on you to buy.

 At the Jade Factory, we saw some pretty fascinating sculptures and I did buy some earrings, but to my untrained eye, they appear much like fake ones might. Ironically, some of us buy silk there, too. Our guide comments about that, but we're glad we did. The caftans are gorgeous and we will soon realize that they are not available anywhere else we're herded into.

We slip upstairs to the cloisonne and lacquerwork and furniture.

(Anyone have a few thousand for a screen?) We're soon shepherded into the lunch buffet. I bit into an apple, something I am allergic to, but hurry back into the bus to take Benadryl. It's probably a good thing. The smog is insane and had already been stuffing me up. 
Soon, we're traveling again, through madly crowded streets (remember, that National Day? It lasts a week, but more about them later) and notice the never ending line of pomegranate stands.

It's the height of the season, and I notice that the Chinese lanterns, (not the ones we made in kindergarten) resemble pomegranates. 

But the crowds and traffic will soon be worth it as will tomorrow's post. The Terracotta Warriors await us!

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