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Thursday, November 12, 2015

Our Last Full Day

It's a busy one, in the market, and ending at a show that still blows my mind! 
It's the Shanghai Acrobatic Troupe. It's insane! I don't have photos for you because they ask that you do not take them during the performance, and I wanted to respect that. 
I have only two photos. One of the outside of the theatre and the other of the motorcyclists after the performance.

Needless to say, some people below me videoed the entire performance, or snapped photos, but they weren't from our group. I can't imagine what the flash of a camera might do to these young performers. 
One man in our group said it was Cirque de Soleil without the gimmicky stuff. Another said it was better than that. We watched in awe as acrobats piled on one bicycle, or drifted down on ribbons, one woman held up by the strength of a man's flexed feet. Six motorcyclists ride around in a large cage, and performers bend into incredible shapes. Two live bands and one singer provide the music, and I find myself speechless. If you ever come to Shanghai, you must see this performance. 
The evening was marred by a man who, after the performance, tried to sell my husband either laser flashlights or wheels for his shoes. My husband, being a true Canadian, was too polite to say no, but when I got tired of the hawker racing in between us, I stepped in to block him. For my effort, I was jabbed in the side by a flashlight. The hawker wheeled around to the other side to continue his haranguing, and, with my side stinging, I yelled at him. He swore at me in English, but eased off. Our guides ignore all of this. Of course, I remember. It's all about saving face, not appearing to be trying to embarrass another person.
I can't help but be disappointed by it. Our last tour group was in Israel, where our guide stood up for us and sometimes chased hawkers away. 
As we approach the bus, we spy a man with no arms, sitting, shirtless, on the ground, with a hat in front of him. I give him some money, as do several in our group and he smiles his thanks back. 
We get to sleep in tomorrow as our flight is late, but even with the last day looming, we find surprises in store. 

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