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Sunday, November 8, 2015

The last night aboard and a city the size of a country

Last night was our last on board. The captain made his dutiful visit to the dining room, offering his thanks and bon voyage and giving out medallions to various people with birthdays and such. After the celebratory meal, which wasn't much different than the rest, we headed up to the library for one more game of canasta. Someone left a window open and the cigar smoking crowd at the bow of the ship choked us out. 
Fortunately, our group didn't have to leave early and we enjoyed a relaxing morning watching the men bring supplies aboard with long poles stretched across their shoulders. We have arrived in Chongking, a city with the population of the country of Canada. It blew us away. So did the high end shopping! 

Because this city is in the Szechuan province, the food is spicy, but also at a cost. Unfortunately, it also made about 40% of sick. 
Thankfully, it didn't damper too many spirits. We were all off to Shanghai.
But, like most airports, this one is stuck out in the middle of nowhere. We must travel for several hours to reach our hotel. But wait! English TV! Wifi!
And a lovely, peaceful garden called The Lingering Garden. Too bad we had to share it with hundreds of others. 

But they had the coolest garbage cans!

And a rather odd shaped statue.

And bonsai! 

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