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Friday, November 6, 2015

The Lesser Gorge and Rhesus Monkeys

It's another day on the Yangtze River. My stomach and inner ears are starting to protest. I'm not alone. One man at our table complained that the ship felt like it was made of rubber. So true! So many I spoke to didn't notice the ever so slight course corrections. Or should I say, those major course corrections, for I felt everyone of them. 
A friend of mine suggested anti nauseant bracelets. She had them but didn't need them. The ship's doctor had suggested that we press at a certain point on our wrists and it helps with motion sickness. These bracelets do the same. I was skeptical, but willing to try them. 

They are tight as they need to be so that you get the pressure from the ceramic ball tucked inside, and it took a few hours, but I actually did feel better. So, I guess they work. During his public session, the doctor had also told us about massaging the top of your head to help you sleep, but I haven't tried that yet. 

Back to the trip. We were passing some amazing homes and temples. 

Pagodas high up and peeking out of the lush greenery, cities that pop up out of nowhere, huge, expansive bridges with bold orange paint (there must have been a sale on that colour) and the ever massive gorges.

We stopped at a small city, and were tethered to another ship, having to go down through their exercise room in order to disembark. I'm able to snap a better photo of our ship. 

We are off on another excursion, a fancy ferry ride up another small gorge. The weather is clear, with little pollution and we see more hanging coffins, homes of relocated persons from when the dam was built, eagles and even rhesus monkeys that are 'encouraged' to come to the water's edge by food given to them regularly. A purposely created tourist site. Unfortunately, my photo was too blurry to post. But this ferry excursion is enjoyable.

Some people enjoyed it more than others. 

Having refused to use their washroom, (it looked okay for a ferry boat but I was sick of squatter toilets by then) I ensured that I was the second person off the ferry when the ride ended and all but raced back to our ship. I no longer feel every slight movements of the ship, so I was able to better enjoy the food at lunch. After lunch, we watched the ship's artisans at work, a brother-sister duo, with the brother doing inside paintings, painting the inside of tiny jars and the sister doing embroidery. I wonder where they lived that their parents were able to have two children, but perhaps they were born before the law came into effect. 
As we leave that small city and lesser gorge behind, I finally see my first cow of the trip, plus some goats and orange trees. 

And now the stunning rural scenery entertains us as we sit up top. I find it surprisingly relaxing and restful, despite clipping along at a good pace. 
We have yet another schedule to keep in the morning. And I soon discover  that it's well worth the wait.

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