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Monday, November 26, 2012

Is there a writer in you?

How do you write so fast? That's a question asked of me many times. While I can type and am very visual, this is one of the many tools at a writer's disposal. Dragon NaturallySpeaking was recommended to me by another writer. I find it's invaluable for doing up emails where I have to explain in detail something. Or doing up synopses in the early stages where I am just brainstorming out loud. 
My writer friend uses it in all aspects of her writing, but I haven't reached there yet. For doing blogs like this one, this tool is invaluable. In fact, I'm dictating this blog right now using Dragon NaturallySpeaking. And my husband who doesn't write, uses this tool to compose e-mails without having to look and try to find the letters on the keyboard.
Lately, also, my hand has developed a bit of arthritis and I'm finding I'm using Dragon NaturallySpeaking more and more.
Do you have it in a writer in you? Do have a relative who can't type, but who wants to keep in touch using the Internet?
Take a look at Dragon NaturallySpeaking. Especially now, since this particular version is 75% off!


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