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Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Is Sheldon our new Sherlock?

Now, many of you have probably already made this connection, but last night, while I watched The Big Bang Theory, I was struck by this.
You see, I'm writing a Sherlock Holmes short story. One with a twist. That's what lead me to realize the similarities between Sheldon and Sherlock.

Consider these:

Sheldon and Sherlock's names are similar. Both are tall and slender.

They are both extremely smart and have little interest in women.

They both lack the acceptable amount of social skills.

They both have a side kick who takes care of them. Sherlock had Watson, a doctor who assisted him. Sheldon has a doctor sidekick named Leonard.

They both have a nemesis. Sherlock's was Professor Moriarty. Sheldon's is Wil Wheaton. Both 'villains' are proposed to be brilliant. Moriarty a professor, Wheaton's character on Star Trek was extremely smart.

Both have a weakness. Sherlock's was opiates. Sheldon's is his mother. Who alive hasn't had a battle with their mother and yet needs them?

They both have a woman in their lives who is flustered by their behavior. Sherlock's is Mrs. Hudson, and Sheldon's is Penny.

Both assist a character who is 'normal'. Sherlock assists Inspector G. LaStrade, a man impatient with Sherlock, but kind and ordinary otherwise. Sheldon's is Dr. E. Gablehauser, a man whose patience is constantly strained by Sheldon's persnickety personality.

Are all these comparisons coincidences?  I think not. But then again, Conan Doyle had a natural aptitude toward The Writer's Journey's characters. The brilliant writers of The Big Bang Theory also have the same natural talent. 

So, have you noticed any similarities between the two characters? If so, please let us know.


Lina Gardiner said...

I LOVE this comparison, Barbara. Very astute and really interesting. I think you're onto something here. :)

Norah Wilson said...

Wow! You're so right, Barbara! I wonder if anyone else has noticed the similarities?
Great post!

Barbara Phinney said...

Thank you ladies. I wonder if the writers thought of the comparison, too.

Kate said...

I'm a fan of Sherlock Holmes and the Big Bang Theory. What inspired you to write a Sherlock Holmes short story?

Barbara Phinney said...

Kate, I love watching the new versions of Sherlock Holmes and love Lucie Lu in the role. I wanted to put my twist on it. My story is still in the editing stage but I am having loads of fun.

Rhonda Gibson said...

Very interesting, Barbara... I hadn't noticed them until you pointed them out. Very clever!

Barbara Phinney said...

Thank you Rhonda!!

Angela B Mortimer said...

Yes Barbara I agree - it's funny how things strike you and when. Must say I prefer Sheldon to Sherlock tho'. Feel a bit motherly myself re Sheldon, Sherlock was altogether too unreal somehow. The old/new films give him character better than the original book, I found that boring.

Carol said...

Excellent blog, Barbara. One of your definite
strengths is seeing what is gurgling around down there below the surface.

Barbara Phinney said...

TY Angela, Carol. So nice of you to stop by.

Anonymous said...

yes. i have thought of similarities too. wonder whether one character is inspired from other.

barb phinney said...

Yes, I think that Sheldon is inspired by Sherlock. Or at the very least, came about subconsciously or organically by Sherlock.