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Sunday, January 20, 2013


That good friend and sometimes nuisance writer I know, Georgina Lee, has finally published #5 in The Twin Planet Series, entitled The Rescue.
Of course you can best understand the books if you read them in order, and to get you started, The Catch is free!

The Rescue begins after the war with the Veserians is over. Ra'Choul, assistant minister and cousin to the Empress D'Minicah, is celebrating the armistice with Prag, a fellow warrior and rival to her political position. When the Veserians reject the terms of the surrender, Ra'Choul gives in to a challenge thrown out by Prag and flies off to destroy the Veserian security systems.
Only to get captured.
Prag races to her rescue, but they soon realize that pride brought them to their enemy's planet and unless one of them relinquishes their own share of it, the rescue is doomed.

The Rescue also begins to delve into the mythos of The Twin Planets, and hints of stories to come. These short novellas are rich in love, danger and the unique solar system that only could be created by an incredible race of special people. For other books in this series, please check out this site. In the UK? Try this page.
If you prefer your ebooks in other forms, try Smashwords. If you do, you'll notice that at Smashwords, all Georgina Lee books have 40% free sampling.

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