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Friday, July 12, 2013

Another Great Seafood place!

This summer has really found us out and about a lot, and sampling a lot of seafood places just as much. Tonight, on the recommendation of a friend, we stopped in Cap Pele again, but at another take out.

The Bel-Air was surprisingly large inside for a take out, and the service fast and friendly. Having not had anything to eat for hours, we tried the 5 piece fish and chips (two of them) and the large fried clam platter. Onion rings were a free substitution, and we jumped at the offer.

PhotoWe found the food excellent, and well worth the value. 

In fact, after eating all we could, we were still left with enough for a doggy bag. And no, a doggy will not be getting this meal! We ate it later and it was still delicious!

Another thing I liked was that they offered two kinds of vinegar. White and malt. I just happen to be a fan of malt, so that's what I chose.
And I can't finish this recommendation without saying that the flowers outside were just lovely. 

Well done, Bel-Air!

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