Friday, January 25, 2019

Sweet and Calorie free!

My good friend Georgina Lee has a short story out. Now, that wicked woman doesn't always deserve a shout out, because she's always getting me into trouble, but I love this story! What can I say? 

The Chocolate Chip Valentine

The Chocolate Chip Valentine is sweet, fun and best of all, calorie-free. These are the mini chocolate bars of the reading world!

Short storyShop owner Selena Davids has received a giant cookie just before Valentine's Day. It's not for her, though. It's for her handsome competitor, Thomas Waite. When she delivers it, she offers to help him find out who sent it. That sets them on a fun little romp that is sure to satisfy your sweet and romance cravings without adding a single calorie! 5100 words.15 minute read
If you haven't already figured this out, it's a Valentine's Day story. And if you have Kindle Unlimited, it's a free read for you!

Here's hoping your weekend is as sweet as The Chocolate Chip Valentine is!

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