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Saturday, April 13, 2013

The Forward Observer

Do you know what a forward observer is? In basic terms, it's a military position whereas a soldier is situated forward of the fire line to observe where artillery fire is hitting. Advice radioed back from this soldier aids the next volley.
Yup, it's a guy who can climb a tree, hide in plain site, do anything to gain information to correct an action. 

It's also the title of my newest Sherlock Holmes novella, written under the pen name of that wild woman Georgina Lee, the title taken from the souvenir book given to those soldiers who completed Canada's last tour of Cyprus, back in 1993. And in my tale, our hero gives us one paragraph that sums up his thoughts on the military position and his mother, (our own Doctor Watson). 

He'd also noticed that the last few days, she hadn't worked at all on her biography. She'd pored over the proof of The Forward Observer, as if taking the military title to heart. Holmes wanted to tell her that it was just a name for a front line observation post for artillery fire, and not a suggested action.

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Sherlock Holmes in The Forward Observer is #2 in my Sherlock Holmes Fan Fiction series. Holmes and his mother, Watson, find the Base Photographer murdered, and the evidence leads them to a single souvenir book published twenty years before. But as Holmes closes in on a killer, he soon realizes that his own mother is keeping just as many secrets.


Jackie Gould said...

What's the first one called? I can't find it.

Barbara Phinney said...

Jackie, thank you for stopping by. The first one is here

But if you can wait until the 26th, it will be free then!