Friday, September 15, 2017

Here is part two of this mini series on procrastination. So don't just bookmark it to read it later. Read it now!

How to overcome procrastination wisely

How to overcome procrastination wisely?

All this time you were looking for techniques to tell you how to avoid procrastination. But that is a long and challenging process—which we don’t like. The philosopher John Perry developed the term “structured procrastination.”
Dr. Perry confessed being a lazy worker himself and searched for various ways to help people with this irritating problem. His main idea about overcoming procrastination was challenging to accept—those who work idly rarely do nothing at all.
Just think about it:
What do you do when avoiding a difficult job? We bet you don’t waste your time by looking at the ceiling.
The art of procrastination isn’t about putting you to work no matter what. Honestly, postponing your tasks can be really useful for you.
The main goal is to get benefits from these acts of laziness!
Even procrastinating at work isn’t as bad as you think. Want some proof?
You can watch this procrastination TED talk by Tim Urban, famous blogger. He proves that creative people aren’t immune to idleness.

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