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Stop Procrastinating!

A couple of weeks ago I 'met' (virtually, that is) Jack Milgram and decided that his blog had some great advice. I offered to put one of his posts up here, at my blog, and then the time and family commitments got away from me. 
Okay, I procrastinated. Hence this cool and appropriate post on that very subject. Since he really goes deep into this, I have decided to break up this terrific post into several very informative blog posts over the coming days. So, please, visit back daily!



10 Mind-Blowing Tips on How to Stop Procrastinating

how to stop procrastinating
Ever asked yourself if there’s a way to learn how to stop procrastinating? Tired of anxiety and panic because of looming deadlines? Have you already tried many time management techniques and found only one effective way to stay productive—to tie yourself to the chair?
We can relate to these questions, as many of us have asked ourselves the same things. Procrastination seems an enemy to all of us—something that makes us feel lazy, guilty, and stressed out.
But want to know the best part?
Perhaps, procrastination can be to your advantage; instead of a flaw.

How does it work? Firstly, what does procrastination mean?
Here’s a typical procrastination definition: an act of postponing or delaying some tasks often connected with work or studies.
It doesn’t mean you forget to complete some assignments or get fired because of your laziness. More often, the real problem is due to the anxiety and stress you feel before a deadline.
In other words, procrastinators usually do as much work as non-procrastinators—the difference between them is how many hours they spend on actually completing the tasks.
Why do people procrastinate

Why do people procrastinate?

Dr. Piers Steel surveyed more than 24,000 people around the globe to find out how many workers regularly drag their feet while completing routine tasks.
Ready to know the surprising answer?
95% of people confess they play the waiting game at least from time to time. Also, one-quarter of the participants classify themselves as chronic procrastinators.
Just imagine! Every fourth person is postponing doing something. Perhaps, their idling has negative effects you don’t even know about.
But that doesn’t matter. Why?
Because today you’ll learn the benefits of procrastination!
Let’s remember one popular procrastination quote. Bill Gates once said: “I choose a lazy person to do a hard job. Because a lazy person will find an easy way to do it.”
One of the main features of lazy workers is that they can handle enormous tasks when deadlines are near.
This idea leads us to an interesting result—you shouldn’t try to stop procrastination. Instead, you should learn the art of procrastination and use it to your advantage.
Then, it’s time to reveal the secret of structured procrastination.

Drop by tomorrow for the continuation!

Jack Milgram

Author's biography

I have been interested in writing since I made the acquaintance of pen and paper. My first letters were really funny, and my mom still keeps them as mementoes. However, as soon as I learned how to write words, I started forming them into sentences. And do you know what my first sentence said? “I love my words”. It was written so ineptly that it looked more like “I love my weird”. When I was younger and played in a band I also started writing poems, but to be honest, prose is much easier for me and I’m doing much better focusing on exactly that. I started writing, but often left unfinished, many of my essays at school, as well as my researches at college, where I studied psychology and education. I started freelance writing when I was a student. I have never found sitting in an office appealing, and a world traveler is actually my true alter-ego. That is why freelancing was my career solution. And now, here you are, reading my tips and guidance for my favorite occupation while I am actually doing what I love all over the world.

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