Tuesday, May 7, 2019

Coffeegate, or big mistake?

How do we know that the coffee cup left in that GOT's scene was an accident? 
Let's look at this with a jaundiced eye. That scene took millions to make and had loads of people to check and recheck the sets. The video is edited very carefully. It would have been easy to digitally remove the cup.
Yet it remained, sitting in plain view of hundreds of set designers, actors, directors, etc.
They say it was a mistake.
While everyone makes a mistake now and again, how could ALL those people make the same one? 
And...what was your first thought when you read that the crew admitted it was a mistake?
The same as mine. You thought, 'what other mistakes did they make?

BUT...let's look at this from a marketing point of view. Hitchcock put himself in a minor role of every one of his movies. Why? Because people would then go searching for him.
And when the GOT has been binged to death and people are on to the next great thing, what will the next generation do with this series?
They'll watch it for mistakes. For quirks. For that 'Hitchcock' moment. Afterall, we all think we're smarter than our parents' generation.
That one (perhaps tongue-in-cheek) 'mistake' will live on and keep people talking. But more importantly, it will keep them watching.
I say it wasn't a mistake that a cup was left there.
It was brilliant.

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