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Thursday, November 13, 2014

And the male safely lured with food.

Okay, as I sat down this morning, I realized that the dogs next door were barking more than necessary. And that flash of black in my peripheral vision wasn't my retina problem. A further investigation reveals that one dog was lose, and one was wrapped in her chain and around my grapevines. I grabbed a few MilkBone dog treats and managed to get the upset and skiddish female safely unwrapped and tied up, and the male easily lured with food. (Oh, doesn't that sound familiar)
After they were secured again, I sat down to write.
The female was off her chain.
She wasn't as interested in food as she was in a good time. (Another familar scene)
But I'm old and wily and got her.
I sat down to write again. I got 2174 words!
But the laundry needed to be taken in and I needed a break.
Outside I went.
And discovered the male off his chain again. 
The pair of Houdinis were good. Very good. But they are silly pups and I am a smart human. 
Yup. Food again. 
I may be down half a box of MilkBone, but I am happy to say I finished writing for the day. And I am over 35000 words!

1 comment:

Diana said...

35K? Fantastic! Congratulations :)