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Sunday, November 30, 2014

Cyber Monday? Are you participating?

Do you shop on Cyber Monday? Look down at this banner:

Shop Amazon - Save $30 on the all-new Fire HD 7

Does it interest you? Are you Canadian? Less Canadians shopped over the border this year. Less Americans shopped on Black Friday, also. I actually shopped there two weeks ago, but found fewer sales. I did get some unique things not available in Canada, but for the most part, I shopped at home. 

Are you interested in shopping in smaller shops to support independent businesses? Consider this one:


Sussex Beard Oil

Do you shop at small businesses, especially if they are on-line? Here is an interesting article of both small businesses and the benefits of paying cash, which helps with rising credit card costs:

Tidewater cash mob from another small, independent bookstore.  

Tidewater Books

So what are your thoughts?

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