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Wednesday, November 5, 2014

"From Turtle to Snail" or "My mother told me there would be days like this"

It's Day 5 of National Novel Writing Month. I started with a church meeting that went over its allotted time. I had two stops to make before going home, then I needed to get the car into the shop to install its winter tires. I walked back the mile and called it my exercise for the day.
When I got home, I needed to eat lunch, start a slow cooker supper, put away groceries and take out the garbage. It was already 1:30 and I hadn't even written a word yet.
My husband came home with a contractor who will be repairing a wall that had had some water damage. He disappeared, then reappeared. Still not a single word written.
If I am lucky, I will write a thousand words today. Right now I am up to 850 words. My advice is if you're in the same boat, just keep going. Do your best. And sometimes things turn out nicely.
My mother told me there would be days like this.
Speaking of mothers, my brother sent me this photo this morning of our family taken circa 1965. It's off topic, but I want to share it with you.

Guess which one I am.


Linda Hall said...

Hang in there Barbara! Ive been working hard too on this, and then we got a text from our son - could he and the granddaddies come for a visit this weekend. Well, of COURSE! And then later I thought - I've got NaNo. But some things in life just come first. I know you'll finish well.

barb phinney said...

I know! There are somethings more important than Nano. Oh, I can't believe I said that! LOL. How are you doing, Linda? said...

Keep going Barb. That's the whole fun of doing NaNo. You fall behind and then catch up the next day or two, and even make up for it by writing even more than you anticipated.

You're the second from the left???

barb phinney said...

I hope to get a lot more tomorrow, Renee-Ann. So can anyone guess which one is me in this photo?

Sally said...

Hi Barb - obviously you are one of the girls! No idea which.

Keep it up! I feel your pain with busy-ness. I used to write in the mornings before I even got dressed, that way I knew it would get DONE. Now I have to go to work first - it's cramping my style, but I have to eat!

barb phinney said...

Sally, I am the one on the left, sitting on my mother's lap. My niece has taken a photo of herself in nearly the exact same spot, just yesterday. It was so neat to see it.
And as for working to eat, yup, we have to do that too. And yup, cramps our style, too.