Saturday, December 14, 2013

A few of my favourite decorations

I am not the fashionable tree decorator with in vogue decorations that are tailored to her house. I am not fashionable at all. But rather, I have decorations that mean something to me. I still have homemade decorations and silly ones that were given to me, and even ones that don't match!
I thought I would share a few of my favourite ones with you.
Where we lived years ago, there was a large grocery store down the road and one year, they featured a Pillsbury pastry giveaway. If you bought so many Pillsbury roll packets, you would receive a Beanie Baby like toy. I thought they were cute, and bought enough Pillsbury rolls so I could get all three versions.
 This one, 
and this one,
and lastly, this one.
At various Christmases, they've hung from my tree, or curtains, like this year, or even been tucked away to make their reappearance special. One year, I lost one, but it miraculously appeared the next year. Like most of my Christmases, they are fun, have no ancient significance, (unless you equate them to man's enduring love of bread products,) but they do cheer us up. 
Tomorrow, I will share with you two new decorations. One of my husband's making and one of my own.

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