Friday, December 13, 2013

Is the meat pink?

Okay, I haven't posted in a while, for which I am sorry. But this one should be a nice little bit of insight into my life.
Did you notice the title? I stole this line from a friend named Michael, and I honestly hadn't thought the way he was thinking. Take a look at this photo of the inside of my freezer.
My husband felt we needed the largest turkey we could find. So, we went to Jurassic Park Groceries, and- Okay, the store wasn't called that, but he found this enormous turkey and had to have it. So I thought I would snap a photo of it in the freezer, thinking it would show how big it was.
Well, that didn't work out. It actually looks kind of piddly next to that can of lobster meat, which some of you may not know is in reality, fairly large. That's not tuna can size, you know.
But the funny part was that my friend, Michael, asked, "Is the meat pink?", and it took me a minute to figure out what he meant. 
No, no! This is NOT a frozen flamingo ready to be cooked!  Look closer! Turkey? Dindon? (which is French for turkey) Get it? It's just a big turkey.
And my husband wants to cook it before Christmas. Yup. We're going out this year to two separate family dinners and he wants his turkey beforehand. 
So begins the Christmas fun. I have some other snippets of 'getting ready for the holidays', so tune in tomorrow!


Norah Wilson said...

LOL! Good one, Barbara. And that turkey looks giant to me. What I found funny was the "young turkey". Of course, I've never cooked a turkey so maybe it's standard to specify it's young and tough old turkey. :D

barb phinney said...
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barb phinney said...

Norah, I know! It's like saying a Tom Turkey. Personally, I'm not thinking of what gender the bird is while I'm eating it!
Now, I"m wondering how long it will need to be defrosting in that laundry tub of cold water!
I can't believe you've never cooked a turkey! I guess that's why we have relatives close by.

Anonymous said...

Hi Barb.

That's too cute. I know exactly what you mean by those cans of lobster. I worked in a restaurant where they used it (although our customers thought when you live on the Atlantic Coast, you must serve ONLY the fresh stuff, you know?). Anyway these cans are huge!

I haven't seen our turkey yet. Hubby gets one from his work every year, and when he came in with it, I was in bed (I'm still here actually) nursing the tail end of bronchitis...and writing.

Best wishes to you and yours this Christmas Season.

Blessings, Renee-Ann <><

barb phinney said...

Renee-Ann, get well soon!

I shouldn't have left her alone!

That crazy Georgina has done it again!  I left her alone for a few minutes, and now another one of her books is free ! Get it here! ...