Sunday, December 15, 2013

Take a guess at who did which one!

The last few years, my husband had done much of the decorating, and I appreciate it. This year, he made a special decoration whilst I did the same. Can you guess who did which?
Now, there is this nice one. We bought this circus train set 20 years ago, (on sale after Christmas) and it lights up and plays music and the kids loved it. The candle on the left was a Christmas gift from the parents of a student in the class where I volunteer, and the church on the right holds a votive candle as well. I bought it at a candle party the year after I bought the train set. It's lovely when it's lit up.

The other decoration is simpler. It's a Dutch oven pot, the kind you cover with hot coals and bury in the ground. This Christmas it's filled with festive crackers. They'd lost favour for a few years, but are back. I remember them from my childhood. Do you?
So, who did which decoration? The answer tomorrow.

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