Tuesday, March 6, 2018

Let's back up a bit

First, I want to skim over our experience of traveling. Secondly, I want to tell you that I did my best to write down all our guides told us. Any mistakes are my own.
Our Moncton to Toronto flight is delayed until 6 pm due to weather in Toronto. Then it's delayed again. And again. We soon realize that we'll miss our connection to Frankfurt and won't meet up with the rest of the team until Jordan. One team member reminds us that Rick Warren says to pray with surety. 
So we do.
I'll jump over this part and all our layovers in Montreal and London, and happily announce that late in the next evening, (or is it the next one?  It doesn't matter.) we make it to Jordan! We’re met at the airport by a man who has arranged for VIP treatment through customs. Our luggage arrives in good order, something we have learned that the remaining team members are unable to say. It will take them three days to get their checked luggage!

The trip to our hotel in Petra takes about 2.5 hours and we arrive in the wee hours.
We're staying two nights at the Old Village Resort, a lovely complex designed to mimic a village from ancient days. Several of our team, however, have trouble getting into their room, and end up in another room. Only much later do we realize the key should turn in the opposite direction. Old fashioned keys! What are we to do with them? 
Inside ours, we have to put on the heat. It’s surprisingly cold after the sun goes down. 

The Old Village Resort

The next morning is brisk and clear, a day full of promise. Breakfast is excellent, as we meet up with our team leader and the rest of the group. I choose pickled fish, vegetables, mixed fruit, sausages, falafels and good coffee. It may seem a strange combination, but I'm always up for trying new things.
The view outside the dining room is magnificent, a look into Wadi Musa, the canyon that extents down to the site of old Petra.The sun is peeking over the eastern edge, lighting the houses that fill the western hillside like jigsaw pieces.
Now it's on to a UNESCO world heritage site. Petra!

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