Wednesday, March 7, 2018

The Treasury!

Our walk down to the Treasury has many stops as our tour guide, Hanson, (who was our guide the last time we were here) stops along the way and tells us little facts and such, all the while ignoring the armed guard who seems to have fallen off an Indiana Jones movie poster. Seriously! Look at this guy!
Not to worry. The armed guard ignored us as well.

A guard a Petra

We stop and look up at the carvings, seeing imaginative creatures, created by both man and wind. Elephants, grand facades and raptor claws.

A taste of the grandness to come!

Wind has erased most of this camel.
Is it an elephant or a fish?

Can you see the raptor claw?

A silly pair getting married!
There are also camels and a pair of wayward souls participating in a traditional wedding ceremony. Can you guess who they are?

Then, finally, we're urged to peek on an angle into the final part of the wadi, and there we see the masterpiece. 
The Treasury.
It's incredible to be here!

Just to stand here, as the day warms up, within the busy courtyard, fending off hawkers and staring up at the high red walls, we are just in awe.  
There is still much to see. I can barely take it all in. 

A panoramic view beyond the treasury.

Didn't I see him in the Caribbean?

Lunch is at a cafeteria at the far end, past the treasury, past Johnny Depp above, where we had stopped for photos, camel rides, and to purchase things off the local hawkers. My husband bartered for bracelets and a fake coin, and came away without a hat, sunglasses and his watch. Me? I bought two fridge magnets.

For lunch, some choose the $10 US bag lunch and others eat the snacks they brought with them. We make sure we get a photo of our local Sackville group. We have some with sore joints who shouldn’t attempt the climb back up to the entrance; they take first a donkey ride, then a cart ride. 

A motley crew if there ever was one!

They race up and down the wadi, for $30US, mind you.

The day has been a great one, getting to know the others, huffing and puffing and laughing at those who chose a camel or donkey ride. We're starting to ache and I look forward to the steamy indoor pool back at the resort. 

Can you see the steam? It's getting cold again.

A welcomed end to the day!

Our first full day is ending, but tomorrow we start a new chapter. On to Israel!

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