Friday, March 30, 2018

Our trip is complete

At supper, I spy again the young waiter who looks like my son, but this time, corral him over to our table to show those who know my son. We all agree that he looks like him. My friend takes a photo, but the young waiter doesn't speak English, so who knows what he thinks of me!

This young waiter reminds me of my son. He probably thinks I'm a crazy old lady, though!
Here are a couple of photos of my son. Do you see a resemblance?

After supper, we meet for a debriefing and finally learn the truth about the Israeli flag. It’s as we suspected. In remembrance of the Holocaust.
This is our last full day here in the Holy Land. It's a been an awesome visit and the group really meshed well. I have made some wonderful friends and learned so much. It is hard to say good-bye to them, even Yossi, from whom we learned the most. I have tried hard to state what facts he told us correctly and remind you again that any mistakes are mine, not his.

And I would be remiss if I didn't thank our bus driver. He kept our windows clean so we could take photographs through them, he safely delivered us to some tight spaces and was always there for us.

I must reiterate again that I never once felt unsafe, despite the skirmishes Israel participated in. Israel is safe for tourists, and for the most part, its citizens just want peace. I've visited many countries, thirty-one if my count is correct, lived in five, and can say with certainty that some of those places are far less safe than Israel. Our tour companies, Christian Journeys and Ariel Tours took good care of us. 

We have a few bumps in the road returning home, just like coming here. They are all weather related. We finally arrive in New Brunswick around 3 am, and head off to our homes and our beds. 

Some of us got an early start on their sleeping.

I hope you've enjoyed traveling with me, and I hope you enjoy your Easter.

Inside the tomb.

He is Risen. He is Risen Indeed!

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